There are many ways to leave Bucketheadland, but we don't want to give them all away. Some guests can find secret passages inside the graves or find a way to climb over the walls with a leather rope and a jagged shard of coaster wreckage. Look for the escape route that best fits your personality.

Sometimes you get lost in the park and can't find your way out, but as soon as you're out you can't find your way back in. So make sure all companions, limbs and belongings are accounted for before leaving the park.

If you can find it, THE TERROR TRAM is the fastest method of leaving the park. These guys drive really fast! Make sure to find out the final destination before boarding any tram. Some trams go to the parking ditch or the outside woods, but others are just joyriders. Please report excessively dangerous driving to the suggestion box.

Here are some suggested outside world destinations:

BENWA.NET - Official site for Ben Wa, which includes Giant Robot bassist Butthouse

BERNIEWORRELL.COM - Official site for the genius keyboardist of Parliament-Funkadelic, Praxis and Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains.

BRAINSHREDS.COM - Official site for Brain, percussionist extraordinaire! Find out what Brains up to.

INNERHYTHMIC.COM - Record label founded by Bill Laswell, Innerhythmic is a critical proving ground for sonic collaborations.

BINGEBUDDIES.COM - "The European Chicken Coop." Another great Buckethead site, this one created by German Robot. We hope some day the other 5 continents will offer up some worthy counterparts for spreading the word of Bucketheadland.

BOOTSYCOLLINS.COM - Buckethead's friend, mentor and bandmate in Praxis. This official site even lets you download the never-aired pilot for the Bootsy cartoon. Look out, I think he's turning into Fuzzface!

BUCKETHEADSTOYSTORE.COM - We couldn't find any malls that would give us a lease so we loaded up a bunch of crud from the gift shop and brought it to this dilapidated shack in Texas.

CHOP TOP'S BBQ.COM - You know Chop Top from his work in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. Remember? The guy with the coathanger. He also joined Buckethead on the albums Giant Robot and Monsters and Robots. Stop by the barbecue, find out what old Choppy's been up to and buy all the cds by Cornbugs, his band with Buckethead.

DISNEYLAND.COM - This pioneering California theme park is a great place to go and served as the main inspiration for Bucketheadland. Say hello to Walt's frozen head if you see it!

VINCE'S PAGE OF THE ROBOT - One of the first Buckethead fan sites. This robot seems like it's under re-construction by Vince.

DISNEYLAND SIX-STRING MASSACRE - Small but well-designed Buckethead site by Janne in Helsinki.

DJDISK.COM - Official site for Buckethead's buddy from Quail Breath, El Stew, Turbulence Chest and many other collaborations. Buy some of his rare recordings straight from the source.

DOOMBUGGIES.COM - This site is an incredible fan site for Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

HISTORY'S FIRST BUCKETHEAD FAN SITE? - I think it's this one, but it could also be this one.

LESCLAYPOOL.COM - keeps you up to date on Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains and other projects for the Primus bassist. Also sells CCBoBB merchandise.

MONSTERSANDROBOTS.COM - Promotional site for Buckethead's classic 1999 album on CyberOctave records. Watch the "Ballad of Buckethead" video directed by Dave McKean.

NORMANSSOUND.COM - Home to ION records (Cobrastrike, Valis II, Funnel Weaver, etc.)

PERCEVALPRESS.COM - The home of Viggo Mortensen's Publishing company. We highly recommend checking out this site and the very interesting forms of art there. Enjoy!

PILO'S LOFT - Lo-fi robot binge constructed by Bucketheadland ride designer/cover artist P-Sticks.

TDRSMUSIC.COM - Buckethead's buddy Travis Dickerson runs the TDRS studio and label, home to Thanatopsis, Death Cube K, Deli Creeps and the Viggo Mortensen albums. Buy hard-to-find music online and download free MP3s of upcoming projects.

TELLNOTALES.COM - is the future home of a Pirate's of the Caribbean site by the creators of

TURNING GROOVE.COM - by Jurgen Geissler houses very useful Buckethead and Bill Laswell discographies.